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The AVA Western Grappling Championship Medals Have Arrived!

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The AVA Western Grappling Championship medals have rolled into town, and they’re a sight that’d make any grappler’s heart race a tad quicker. These are not just any old medal. The compass points to the west, aligning with our championship’s name and a nod to the grit and determination of every grappler’s journey. It’s a […]

AVA Victoria: The Pros Recap

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Written by Ryan Pessl All VS All (AVA) grappling competition made their return to Victoria, British Columbia (B.C) this past weekend. The event was packed with competitors, spectators, and some of the island’s top teams. Every single bracket was must-see, but as per usual the Pro Division stood out from the rest. The Pro Division […]

The Arrival of the AVA Western Championship Belt: A Testament to Resilience and Triumph

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The much-awaited AVA Western Championship Belt has finally landed. More than an award, it’s a narrative etched into metal, reflecting the spirit of the west and our grappling heroes. Dominating the design is the powerful bull, inspired by vintage cowboy belt buckles. This symbol embodies the resilience and tenacity of our competitors. The belt is […]

The AVA Western Grappling Championship: A Jiu-Jitsu Revolution in the Making

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All Versus All (AVA) is unveiling the Western Grappling Championship, an innovating coastal event that lays the groundwork for an ambitious plan to establish an Eastern Grappling Championship. Taking place in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia on June 10 & 11, 2023, this tournament promises a unique experience with double placement points for season rankings, custom-designed […]

The AVA Cup: A Testament to Teamwork and Artistry in the BJJ Community

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AVA Team Creates the Concept, Sami Ghali and Jessica Smith Construct the AVA Cup for BJJ Team Season Winners The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) community welcomes the AVA Cup, a 3.5 feet tall trophy designed to honor the hard work and dedication of team season winners. Taking inspiration from the iconic Stanley Cup, the AVA Cup […]