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AVA Western Grappling Championship: Anticipation for the Pro Division Title in Port Coquitlam

June 8, 2023 AVA

AVA Western Grappling Championship

Written by Ryan Plessl

All VS All (AVA) grappling returns to Port Coquitlam, B.C this weekend! The question on everyone’s mind heading into this weekend is who will walk away with the title belt, and potentially the #1 ranking spot in the Pro Division.

Full view of the intricate AVA Western Bull Belt, symbolizing strength and victory.

AVA’s crowning glory – the full image of the AVA Western Bull Belt, a testament to the resilience of our competitors.

AVA is a submission only grappling tournament that has taken British Columbia by storm these past few years. The event is popular due to its ruleset and submission only structure. Competitors are also put into a round robin bracket which means maximizing matches for competitors.

AVA’s main attraction always has been the Pro Divisions though.

The Pro Division brings out some of the best male and female grapplers in Canada. Competitors try their best to win the covenant title belt and increase their pro ranking. As an added incentive, if you’re one of the top three pro competitors at the end of the season, you can win a massive cash prize. This new structure for the 2023 season has incentivized even more of Canadas best to come out and compete.

June 10th has one of the more stacked Pro Divisions to date. This is due to the fact that all wins will be worth double points towards the competitors overall rankings.

In the men’s division, names like Christian Tremayne, Colton Scott, Reynaldo Camacho, Daniel Richard, Jordan Stutt, Cameron Carew and many more are all signed up to compete. Local grappling superstar Talia Anderson and Astrid Patiño are signed up for the women’s division.

Come watch the AVA this weekend to see who will win the Pro Divisons!

This post is written by Ryan Plessl.