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New Ranking History Page

December 21, 2023 AVA

Introduction of the Season Rankings History Page. This new link is for the annual rankings of the top 3 athletes and teams participating in our tournaments. You can view it here: AVA Submission Grappling Rankings History.

The Rankings History Page serves as a record of athletes’ and teams’ performance over each season based on points accumulated throughout the year.

Points are reset annually. The value of points earned from each tournament diminishes over time, with a reduction of 50% after one year from the event date. After two years, the points depreciate entirely to zero.

Breakdown of Points Allocation

Points are awarded based on performance in matches and tournament placements:

  • Match Points:
    • Victory by Submission in Regulation: 4 Points
    • Victory by Submission in Overtime: 2 Points
    • Fastest Escape in Overtime: 1 Point
    • Victory by Walkover: 3 Points
  • Placement Points:
    • 1st Place: 9 Points
    • 2nd Place: 3 Points
    • 3rd Place: 1 Point
  • Tournament Multipliers:
    • Regional: x1
    • Coastal: x2
    • Ultra: x3

The Season Rankings History Page is a factual record of the achievements of athletes and teams in AVA Submission Grappling tournaments.