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The Arrival of the AVA Western Championship Belt: A Testament to Resilience and Triumph

May 22, 2023 AVA

The stunning AVA Western Bull Belt, symbolizing power, resilience and the spirit of the west.

The much-awaited AVA Western Championship Belt has finally landed. More than an award, it’s a narrative etched into metal, reflecting the spirit of the west and our grappling heroes.

Dominating the design is the powerful bull, inspired by vintage cowboy belt buckles. This symbol embodies the resilience and tenacity of our competitors. The belt is framed with mantling drawn from medieval heraldry, signifying victorious struggles. Crowning this design is the mark of a true victor – a regal crown.

Full view of the intricate AVA Western Bull Belt, symbolizing strength and victory.

AVA’s crowning glory – the full image of the Western Bull Belt, a testament to the resilience of our competitors.

Red rays from the original AVA champion belt spread across the belt, uniting our legacy with the present. The new tactile raised and recessed parts give a fresh, cool dimension to this masterpiece. Now in our hands, the AVA Western Championship Belt is a testament to our competitors’ journey, struggle, and triumph.