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The Artwork of AVA’s Season Awards

December 16, 2023 AVA

AVA’s Season awards is a mark of recognition, distinguishing the top three athletes in each division.

The artwork:

The Phoenix, central to our Pro Division plaques, Pro Division award cheques and belt color Division certificates, is all about rebirth, the cycle of growth and renewal that our athletes experience in their journey for excellence and experience at AVA.

The Bull is a salute to the Western heritage, the rugged spirit and tenacity that are traits of the western culture. It represents the Western Submission Grappling Championship, our second highest ranking tournament of the seasons.

Awaiting its grand debut, the Dragon represents the anticipated Eastern Submission Championship. Symbolizing the essence of the Eastern cultures, associated with collectivism and respect.

The season art is a blend of our vision and AI’s execution.

These icons bridge our events from West to East. They’re a part of the athlete’s journey, etched into every award, and a reminder of their legacy on the mats of AVA.